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WordPress basics – adding users

This article is specific to our specialised wordpress hosted customers, we run a particular setup to give customers the freedom they need to update and maintain the content of their site and administer their users. Generally administrative functions are restricted to enable us to support and maintain your site. This should ensure the smooth running of your site and enable you to focus on what matters – the content!

The editorial role on our installations has been modified using a simple plugin, this modification enables your site editors to manage the user base including adding new users to the site.

To add new users to your site you will need to –
  1. Login to the word press site – this is usually http://yourdomain/wp-admin, this will bring up a simple login form which has the option to recover your password if you have forgotten it. If you have trouble please contact us on the support number, if you fail to login too many times in succession you may be temporarily banned from the server – don’t panic, just give us a call and we can assist should this happen.
  2. Once logged in, look for the users button in the panel on the left, as below – userspanel
  3. You can either click on this to go to the users list (an add new option is then shown at the top of the page), or use the add new menu option that appears when you hover over the button.
  4. Add the desired credentials – the username will be used on the login form and may be used to attribute an article to that user (depending on how your site templates have been configured). You can generate a password for your new user, by default this is normally emailed to the user, though you can display this and update this if you need to – strong passwords are required to ensure the security of your site. password
  5. Set the role of the user. Editors can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users. Authors can publish and manage their own posts. Contributors can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them. Subscribers can only manage their profile and read other posts – this is the default, if you forget to choose a role your user may not have the permissions they need.

Finally, hit Add New User – you new user should be emailed their account details and will be granted the access they need.


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