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Create a new email user in the control panel

Creating and then using an email address is made easy with the control panel. You can create and be using an email in 3 simple steps, I will be taking you through step-by-step and there are screenshots to guide you.

Step 1:

Log in to your control panel, we will have given this information to you upon creation of your site, but if you have lost it or have any problem logging in contact us on the support line.


Step 2:

You should now see a summary of your website, that looks similar to the picture below. Now all you need to do is click ‘Email Addresses’.


Step 3:

We are now in the mail section of the panel. From here we can view current emails, check out statistics and more. But we are just going to click ‘Create Email Address’ which is located near the top of this section, as shown under.


Step 4:

This is where we will actually be creating the account. Enter the username for this mail account. The ‘Access to the Customer Panel’ box deems whether they should be allowed to log in and change information about their email account. From here they cannot make any changes to the main account, so don’t worry, it is strictly personal information. We strongly recommend the first password be generated by the panel, for security reasons.

Then click ‘Show’ and copy and paste the password, and store it somewhere safe. A user can change their password at a later date if they wish, we advise you always stick to a strong password which normally requires at least an uppercase, lowercase, number and special character, and should be at least 8 letters long. The mailbox you can leave at default (0KB in this case means unlimited). An optional description can be added too.


Ben Clarke

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