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Create Demo 2 – fireworks extension updated for CS6

If your a CS6 user, the process of obtaining and managing your extensions is being overhauled, welcome the new Adobe Exchange Panel. To ensure that we can continue to support, provide updates our extension has been updated for delivery via this new panel.

Currently the feature set is identical to the original extension, the new exchange doesn’t however support donation-ware so we’re now providing two versions, a free fully featured version and a pay-for version which removes the all the trial limitations. All existing users have been issued with free access to the pay-for version and we will continue to support the classic exchange version.

Using the Exchange Panel

the Adobe Exchange Panel can be accessed here

If you haven’t done so already you will need to install the new Adobe Exchange Panel, once installed you will find access to the panel from the fireworks menu as highlighted here in pink.

Demo Document detail
First open

Initially when opened you will see the currently available extensions, as shown. Installing the trial is as simple as hitting the "Try" button.

If you contributed to previous release then you should have been sent an email inviting you to join our Adobe Exchange group. This needs to have been sent to the email account linked to your Adobe ID. If you accept the invitation the full version of the extension will appear when you select the "My Stuff" tab. Note to install hit the install icon on the right of the item in the "My Stuff" list as shown below –

If you have contributed to the previous release and have not received your email and or need the invitation resent to your Adobe ID then feel free to email us on support[at] and we’ll happily look into this for you.

Extension installation


When you install the extension the panel will launch the familiar Adobe Extension Manager CS6 and the installation process will begin. As part of the new packaging requirements extensions are now required to be signed. At the time of writing we have elected to "self-sign" our extension, this means that during the installation you will be presented with a dialogue shown to the right.

It is quite safe to click the install button if you trust the publisher, code signing certificates are expensive and have to be renewed annually, to keep the cost of the extension to a minimum we have not gone down this route at this time.

command menu entry

Once installation is complete the extension is available from the Fireworks "Commands>Web Engineer" menu, shown right.

As shown below other than a refreshment of the look and feel the current functionality mirrors that found in the version on the classic exchange, see the original blog post for the usage guide.

Create Demo CS6 panel


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