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Create Demo – fireworks extension

Present your ideas quickly and easily, the web-engineer Create Demo fireworks extension makes it simple to present your design conceptsupdated release 2.0.4, 30th May 2011 - this top rated extension just got better! Currently tested and supported browsers -  Mobile Safari, Safari, IE6 - IE9, Firefox 2 - 4,  Opera, Chrome and Android

CS6 users: this extension is now available through the new exchange, download and install instructions are available here.


  • Create a demo of your current document, quickly and easily
  • Supports desktop and handheld devices
  • Customise colours
  • Navigate using keyboard
  • Supports gestures
  • HTML5 content caching
  • Supports iOS application icons
  • Supports iOS application splash screen
  • Select pages to include from your document
  • Slideshow support (auto-advance)
  • Control thumbnail size
  • Show or hide thumnails

This extension gives you an alternative to the “Demo Current Document” command, it is quick and simple to create very simple and clean slide-show. It will export each of the pages in your fireworks document to the folder of your choice as a web ready presentation. Once installed the command is accessed from the menu “commands/web engineer/demo document” within fireworks.

The presentation runs as a web based application which when added to iOS home screens will utilise the full screen space. Supports HTML 5 caching, gesture control, and exports settings will be remembered. The command window allows you to choose stage and highlight colours, wheather or not to show a shadow around the featured slide and which pages from your document you are including. To experience the range of possibilities check out one of the provided examples below.

Simply hit build when your ready and you will be prompted for a folder to export the presentation within.

If you like this extension and find it useful then please donate! A donation of £5 or more will qualify you for a contributor licence key. This will unlock the ability to show/hide the splash screen.

Donation amount

Any donations made are greatly appreciated and will be put towards the the further development this and other extensions. Licence keys are sent to your email address specified during checkout at paypal as soon as the payment is processed.

Example #1 Example 1

Example #2 Example 2

Example #3 Example 3

Revision History (most recent update first) 
* made gestures optional
* windows fixes
* check added for empty presentation

* Bugfix for resizing/device fit on iOS 
* Gestures on android disabled 
* Interface layout tweaked

2.0.3 * Fixed bug with exports when a document has deleted pages 2.0.2 * HTML5 Caching (improves web-apps offline) * Minor bug fixes * Application icon support * Startup image support * Gesture support improved significantly 2.0.1 * Bugfixes - settings now save properly * Offline browser caching now enabled * hot key added to show/hide thumbs * Updated missing revision history * Gesture support * Cache support added 2.0.0 * Stability and bug fixes. * Slideshow mode. * Auto-hide thumbs * New interface * Presentation mode * Keyboard navigation 1.0.3 * Bug fixes 1.0.2 * Page selection * Background colour selection * Highlight colour selection * Option to toggle shadow on/off for the slides * Quick link to online tutorial 1.0.1 * Direct slide linking and browser history support added * IE6/8 improvements * iPhone loading animation position on screen updated


Craig enjoys producing usable and friendly sites that look great and function well. He often also experiments with workflow automation and owns and runs web-engineer.

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