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how not to round your floats…

Just so I never foget… observe the following test cases –

$foo = 8.37*40*0.175*100; echo $foo.' == '.(int)$foo;
> 5859 == 5858

$foo = 8.37*40*0.175*100; echo $foo.' == '.round($foo);
> 5859 == 5859

I believe that casing to INT will round towards zero as documented in the php docs, I also believe the 5858 number above is because the floating point number is always fractional…

another interesting one –

$foo = 8.37*40*0.175*100; echo $foo.' == '.(int)(string)$foo;
> 5859 == 5859

By casting to string first the floating point element is removed….



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