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Embeded fonts and Flash 9

Flash 9 and embeded fonts behave strangely – try this –

  1. Add a font symbol and choose your own linkage name, make sure export it for actionscript.
  2. On stage create a textfield and enter some text within it – then choose your embeded font by name from the choice of fonts (note it should have a star beside it).
  3. Run your flash movie and once running choose "Debug" – "List all objects".
  4. Open the output panel and look for the font tag and check the font name.

Run though the above steps and you will find the fonts get exported with an identifier you might not expect! As far as I can see it's some identifier thats usually the font name and sometimes a combination of font name, weight and size. The important thing here is that flash 9 is not exporting the font with your chosen identifier!

This makes working with embeded fonts a bit of a nightmare! As you cant manage your fonts from your library and will have to go through the above procedure each time you embed a different font just to find out how flash has decided to embed it


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