• Basic Git operations, start a new project with a local network remote.

    A quick introduction into getting a new project configured using git over your local network using shares.
  • Optimising your windows virtual machine (Oracle Virtualbox)

    My windows virtual machines vdi disk images were hitting over 35GB a piece, the following notes are a reminder of the steps required to shrink the VDI’s when they get oversized. Clean up your VM First – get rid of anything surplus to requirements, recycle bin, disk cleanup, the usual suspects. Run defrag. Download the […]
  • Colours in the Mac terminal…

    Hope someone finds this useful too… Found plenty of articles on enabling colours in terminal, however very few which show you how to use colours. Based on – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18560647/how-to-make-bash-shell-display-colorful-text. To get this working on the mac the the codes are slightly different from those in the stackoverflow article… RCol=’\033[0m' # Text Reset # Regular Bold […]
  • Free and simple batch Image resizing for your site on a PC

    Typically photographs direct from a camera are far too big for general use on the web. If your uploading images to a CMS then your most likely going to need to optimise the images for web. This makes uploading the images much quicker and viewing the images online much faster. This simple guide is aimed at the general user who wants a quick and simple way to get those images down to size.
  • OSX 10.8 Apache, mysql, PHP dev setup

    This brief guide focuses on getting a web development setup up and running on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. Working with already installed software and making the configuration changes manually the aim is to establish a clear method and consistent implementation that is easy to maintain and manage. There are many useful guides out there and […]
  • Standard LAMP Virtual Machine Set-up

    Getting started with VM – from the ground up These notes cover the generation of a standard base image from which you can clone many VM’s for development. We will cover – Initial setup. Addition of packages we commonly use for web-dev. Setup and configuration of Apache. Setup of DNS server for forwarding virtual domains. […]